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Our Craft Beverage Program

Stahlka Agency is here to protect your brewery business. From tours and tastings to restaurants and supermarkets, you continually focus on providing your customers with a satisfying experience and high quality craft brews. You can count on The Cincinnati Insurance Company for high-quality insurance protection and service with the same continuous focus.

Tapping the Right Coverage

Selecting the appropriate combination of insurance coverage is essential for your business. Your Stahlka Agency independent insurance agent can assemble an insurance program and provide a level of service that leaves you free to focus on your business.

A Program that Delivers

Your Craft Beverage Program insurance protection starts with our standard commercial property and general liability coverages and allows customization for your specific insurance needs.

Additional Coverages

With Stahlka Agency, one of Western New York's premier insurance agencies, you can purchase a variety of additional coverages to further customize your insurance program.

Food and beverage transportation special coverage provides two coverage options for your products: covers loss to beverage or food product while in transit when you are responsible, whether it belongs to you or to others insures you for loss to beverage or food product in a vehicle caused by mechanical breakdown of refrigerating, cooling or heating equipment; contamination by a refrigerant or freezing due to conditions beyond your control.

Product contamination and adulteration covers loss to your beverage product (on premises) when contaminated or when it contacts a substance in processing or storage equipment, affecting the quality.

Equipment breakdown coverage protects you against the sudden and accidental breakdown of your machinery and equipment. 

Commercial general liability extended liability packages several broadening liability coverage features into one convenient endorsement.

Liquor liability coverage (where available) covers claims for injuries sustained as the result of the sale, service or furnishing of alcoholic beverages. 

State and federal liquor tax bonds provide security to governmental agencies that you’ll pay the appropriate taxes after selling alcoholic beverages. 

Electronic data processing insures your computer system against loss, such as fire, wind and theft. It also covers accidental erasure of data, mechanical breakdown, employee sabotage, computer virus, changes in temperature, flood, earthquake and sprinkler leakage.

Crisis event expense coverage pays for certain expenses after a covered crisis event, including communication expenses, post-crisis expenses (except in Virginia) and loss of business income and extra expenses.

Rounding out Your Protection

Purchasing a commercial umbrella policy covers your liability for claims above and beyond the amount covered by your primary policies. And it pays for certain claims not covered by your primary policy without charging you a deductible.

Consider products from The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. Protect your business’s key people, employees and owner(s) with whole or universal life products or term insurance. A payroll deduction program is also available with minimum participation of only five employees.

Helping to control risk

Your policy comes with loss control services provided by an experienced and knowledgeable loss control representative who is available for consultations, education and training. You receive help to proactively manage risk and create a safe environment, addressing:

  • effective hiring practices
  • workers’ safety
  • crisis response planning
  • physical hazards


Brewery Property Endorsement provides, at no additional charge, four coverage features specifically crafted for your brewery operation when you purchase the Craft Beverage Commercial Property Endorsement, including:

  • coverage for key-employee replacement expenses – provides hiring expenses you incur up to $50,000 to replace your head brewer or brew master when unable to continue due to death or permanent disabilities (available in most states)
  • coverage for loss of processing water – provides up to $50,000 for extra expenses you incur due to a loss or lack of water used to process beverages after a covered cause of loss
  • tank collapse coverage – provides up to policy limits for loss to covered property caused by collapse of a tank due to failure of a pressure relief device
  • tank leakage coverage – provides up to $50,000 for loss to covered property due to a leak of finished or in-process beverage from a tank, vessel or barrel 


Restaurant Property Endorsement includes three coverages tailored for breweries that also operate a restaurant or pub, including:

  • coverage for customer property when you are legally responsible for it – providing up to $5,000 ($1,500 per customer) for each covered occurrence, including mysterious disappearance
  • coverage for goods on consignment at your premises – providing up to $7,500
  • key-employee replacement expense coverage – providing up to $50,000 for hiring expenses to replace your head chef or general manager when unable to continue work due to death or permanent disabilities (available in most states)

Data Compromise and Identity Theft Recovery Expense Coverage Endorsement extends your property coverage to provide: expenses to respond to a breach of personally identifying information of customers, clients or employees or expenses for your individual response to an actual or threatened identity theft access to breach preparation tools and services to protect your organization 

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