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Your Craft Beverage Program insurance protection starts with our standard commercial property and general liability coverages and allows customization for your specific insurance needs:

  • Craft Beverage Commercial Property Endorsement packages higher amounts of insurance and additional property coverages into one valuable and convenient option:

    • choice of four blanket coverage amounts – $150,000, $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 – applies to high-demand coverages for: accounts receivable, valuable papers, ordinance or law, peak season and debris removal
    • contract cancellation expense coverage – provides up to $10,000 for attorney fees, marketing expense and image restoration that results from a covered contract cancellation
    • coverage for food contamination business interruption – provides up to $10,000 loss of business income due to a declaration of food contamination at your premises
    • utility services coverage – provides up to $75,000 for direct and indirect damage caused by a suspension of power, water, or communication supply services, including a $5,000 sublimit for overhead distribution and transmission lines
    • coverage for water backup – pays up to $100,000 for damage to your property resulting from water that backs up through or overflows from a sewer, drain, septic system or sump pump (not available in Florida)
  • Brewery Property Endorsement provides, at no additional charge, four coverage features specifically crafted for your brewery operation when you purchase the Craft Beverage Commercial Property Endorsement, including:

    • coverage for key-employee replacement expenses – provides hiring expenses you incur up to $50,000 to replace your head brewer or brew master when unable to continue due to death or permanent disabilities (available in most states)
    • coverage for loss of processing water – provides up to $50,000 for extra expenses you incur due to a loss or lack of water used to process beverages after a covered cause of loss
    • tank collapse coverage – provides up to policy limits for loss to covered property caused by collapse of a tank due to failure of a pressure relief device
    • tank leakage coverage – provides up to $50,000 for loss to covered property due to a leak of finished or in-process beverage from a tank, vessel or barrel
  • Restaurant Property Endorsement includes three coverages tailored for breweries that also operate a restaurant or pub, including:

    • coverage for customer property when you are legally responsible for it – providing up to $5,000 ($1,500 per customer) for each covered occurrence, including mysterious disappearance
    • coverage for goods on consignment at your premises – providing up to $7,500
    • key-employee replacement expense coverage – providing up to $50,000 for hiring expenses to replace your head chef or general manager when unable to continue work due to death or permanent disabilities (available in most states)
  • Data Compromise and Identity Theft Recovery Expense Coverage Endorsement extends your property coverage to provide:
    • expenses to respond to a breach of personally identifying information of customers, clients or employees or expenses for your individual response to an actual or threatened identity theft
    • access to breach preparation tools and services to protect your organization
  • Product Recall Expense Coverage pays the cost of recalling your products that have caused bodily injury or property damage or have known potential to do so, whether mandated or voluntary

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